Curb Appeal – Make Buyers EXCITED to see inside

Curb appeal or Street candy.. it’s right up there at the top of the importance scale!

Curb Appeal, it’s a Home Staging must have

Ever wondered if you were wasting money by buying plants or adding fresh bark? Trust me… it’s never a waste, in fact it could be the best investment when selling your house. Your potential buyer will judge your house and it’s price within seconds of it coming into their view. So a big deal to make it look great … Help YES!!! It needs to be street candy for the eyes!

I have seen many homes sit on the market and you can almost bet your bottom dollar there is little to nothing to be said about their landscaping (or lack of it) Honestly I can tell you I have made this mistake myself and it came down to the simple fact you cannot view your own property objectively …. why because we all want to avoid those extra jobs. But it will make or break a sale. The perfect buyer without the vision to see the potential will be LOST! So if you have had trouble selling do not panic it could be as simple as some colour, fresh bark, freshly painted door maybe a new letter box. Simple things that make a huge impact to the vital first impression.

If the outside is in need of TLC I can tell you from experience in Real Estate that buyers start to discount your property from the car, before they even walk through your door they are seeing a price reduction. For goodness sakes do not let this happen to your biggest asset (in most cases biggest) Get your photo’s in to us and find out how you could avoid a price reduction.

Demand an ogle not a passing glance.


Interior Designer with a passion for helping people present and show their homes well when trying to sell. I love showing people what I can do with what they already have!! Its addictive and such fun!

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