How it all started

I was walking up the steps of a potential listing client (In my Real Estate days-way back when) anyway yes so…First I could hardly find the steps (I’m sure nothing to do with the jungle of pot plants and more pot plants that were camouflaging them!)  I was met at the door only to find we had a full blown Nursery/Greenhouse happening inside. It came to me right then and there… and I lost interest in selling houses right then and there too!

 Diy Water blasting photo

My vision when I started up DIY Home Staging was to transform the way people presented their homes when selling…

And I believe you can do it yourself with our guidance..(Sorry to be chopping out home staging companies) I am a big fan of home staging, getting someone in to do it all for you sounds great but….

  • Not everyone can find that sort of money (especially if you have had a huge marketing bill) no matter if you can see it’s an Investment not an expense, it still doesn’t change the fact you might not get the cash together if that’s the case.
  • Not many people enjoy living with other peoples furniture (especially true if you have young children) scary thought!!!! AND what if it takes much longer than expected to sell? Do you just give it all back or keep forking out the cash to hold the furniture?
  • Will it be overdone and shout I’m staged? There are great Home Stager’s and ones who just take it a little too far (like setting the table for a dinner party… come on) There are many tricks like putting in smaller beds but making them look gorgeous…. the problem is, the new owner goes to put their Human sized bed in the room and it doesn’t fit….. Hmmm nice – NOT! More and more people are becoming aware about this and I must admit, when I enter a staged home I immediately have my eye peeled for trickery. The old dolls size furniture is a favourite believe me.


So the point is - yes home staging is fantastic and there are a ton of great companies but it’s not for everyone. However you can very easily find out how to present your home to appeal to buyers. I know exactly what buyers look at and you will be surprised and even in some cases embarrassed. They are a nosey lot those buyers (I don’t mean riffling through knicker/underwear drawer type nosey) but they hunt for anything that might get them a discount! I say don’t give them anything to use as a bargaining tool!

I am able to help you wherever you are in this big wide (yet so small) world! I’m a Canadian/Kiwi living in Auckland New Zealand and for those non-Kiwi’s,  New Zealand is certainly a DIY Nation, honestly these people will give anything a go… and why not?


You can contact us:

CALL US NOW:  021 949 149

I can come to your property (Auckland wide) or you can send your photo’s to me and I will help you easily that way.

Onsite Consultation:  $250

Takes on average 2 hours

(Mailbox to back section and everything in between)


Emailed Report within 48 hours:  $185

Please contact me for further details


I look forward to helping you ensure your house is presented a cut above the comparable competition. Remember buying a house is emotional and you want to tap into your buyers good emotions and hook them quick. It’s all about attraction and you really do need to step up the presentation.

When selling quite simply its SHOWTIME!!!

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