“I know” is a limiting attitude

I wasn’t going to write a post however I can’t sleep! I’ve been having a really bad week and I’ve been thinking…..

would 1 change make any difference?That change being Attitude. Usually the know it all types of people don’t use my services which is perfectly fine by me. You can imagine it’s not really on my list of favourite jobs when the owner has the record stuck on “yes yes I know” yes ” I know…. It really annoys me because they are always the ones with the houses that just scream “help” They read a book or two and they are the next best Interior Designer and they have a bit of everything going on and nothing works or flows. Its fine for their own personal home if they plan to stay but when selling it would make  a 2 year old spin with so much distraction.

We have had a few Nanny’s over the past 6 years and I tried to learn 1 thing from each of them. Simple as a very neat/compact way to fold your knickers- the underwear drawers in my house are unbelievably tidy. Another taught me a super fast way to cook porridge and keep more goodness in it, I use that everyday. Another taught me her golden rule to keep the house tidy- pick up anything you walk past and never put off a 2 minute job. When a new Nanny started I let them know what needed to be achieved and let them do it their own way. Keeping my eye out for the 1 thing I could learn from them.

So you soon see we all have been raised differently and can help one another “if you can accept you might learn” I say this because we can learn something from every single person. Don’t assume you will know it all because you could miss learning that great new underwear folding technique!! Imagine after all the washing I have folded to find out that there was a easier and tidier way to do it. What if I had just insisted everything be done my way? Imagine how limiting it is not to be open to another way of doing things.

You can learn so much just by sitting back and letting someone else take the lead and before you chip in “I know” try to listen to what they had to say.

I did a job awhile back that wasn’t paid for by the owner, their Real Estate Agent gifted it . You would think that someone selling would appreciate all the help they could get? Well I hadn’t come across this quite the same before but it was like telling Gordon Ramsey how to cook. Not quite there was no swearing!! However to make a long story short it really ruffled my feathers and I was determined to win their approval even though I could hardly concentrate with the constant “I know I know” I felt like saying “clearly you don’t know and that’s why I’m here” anyway thankfully they went out and I had permission to do my thing.  When they arrived back I was finished and feeling quite chuffed with myself – in they walk and what do you think they said? “I didn’t know it could look like this” Amazing  how the “I know” changed to “I didn’t know” . So my nightmare customer turned into a raving customer.

So it all comes down to Attitude – and being open to accepting we can learn something.


Interior Designer with a passion for helping people present and show their homes well when trying to sell. I love showing people what I can do with what they already have!! Its addictive and such fun!

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